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  Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has been actively seeking the conservation of the Belum-Temengor forest through various public and scientific efforts since 1993. The results of the Scientific Expeditions and the Belum-Temengor Campaign (public campaign); carried out in a span of over a decade has been encouraging, but there is still much to be done.

In 2004, MNS also initiated the in-depth study on the hornbills and their habitat and the programme has been continuously carried out until today, made possible only by generous funders, ardent volunteers and dedicated scientific peers.

The Hornbill Conservation and Monitoring Programme primarily seeks to understand the ecology and biology of the globally threatened hornbills but also focuses on the ecology of one particular species of hornbill – the Plain-pouched hornbill. Through the programme, MNS hopes to improve protection of the hornbills and its habitat while also increasing awareness on the plight and importance of these majestic birds.

The Hornbill Volunteer Programme, a spin off from the Hornbill Conservation and Monitoring Programme was started in 2008 to enable anyone to learn and contribute towards the conservation of hornbills.